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About us

For the past forty years, the Richmond CAB has been working to promote, stimulate and support the involvement of volunteers in our community. Through their commitment and a high sense of responsability, our volunteers play indispensable roles as actors and partners alike. Their values, ideas and shared actions are invaluable to our organization. Without their involvement, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to meet the different needs of the community. 

Field of activities:

  • Development of community and volunteer action

  • Community support

  • Associative life and governance


  • Promote and coordinate voluntary action in the community.

  • Support organizations and volunteers in their social commitments.

  • Offer home care services that answer the needs of the elderly as well as services to the people.

Service territory

  • Richmond

  • Cleveland Township

  • Melbourne Township

  • Kingsbury

  • Ulverton

The Richmond Volunteer Action Center is a non-profit community organization managed by an administrative committee composed of seven citizens

Notre mission

Permanent (from left to right)​

Community worker for elders

Sébastien Champagne

Project manager

Maggie Normandin


Sylvie Cormier

Director of Richmond CAB

Marie-Josée Voisine

Home Care Services Coordinator

Geneviève Ayotte


Sylvie Bernier

équipe employés.webp
image nouveau CA rognée.webp

Administrative committee (from left to right)


Claire Morazin


Denise Lupien


Jacques Poliquin

Cécile Thibault


Luc Laboissonnière


Nicole Boutin


Doris Blanchette

We need you

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